Only Mr Lodge meets Ti of Pa of Guangzhou of water of Na Siguo border how

“Parental job is busy, nobody is in charge of the child ” all the time since it is parents are during summer vacation most headaching problem. This year summer vacation, it is better to be the difficult problem that solves the parent, child to be faced with and need dragon to put in water of Yue Haizhou international ‘s charge to be able to be begged, the summer vacation of rich child lives, organization of leading Party group of bureau of education of Li bay area starts 26 units leading Party group to knit Party member teacher to begin summer vacation time to serve an activity to community, school. This activity is with Li bay area party of educational system grass-roots unit is organized and the Party member is core, pass officer officer linkage, officer company linkage, build ” community — the school — teenage palace ” place of activity of 3 main body, open Guangdong opera, wide embroider, paper-cut, dancing, wushu, ping-pong in all, read, the 117 activities course such as poetic word appreciate chooses for the student, be benefited the student makes an appointment with 11000 much person-time. On July 23 afternoon time Yu treasure island collects international water to meet, the reporter visits understanding of 3 activities place to develop a case on the spot —
Reside in community of the bay austral Li harbor appoint the room of Party member activity of the meeting, the children that the teacher of two Party members of overseas Chinese elementary school is organizing community are begun read communication activity. See actively shares children only the book that oneself read recently and read comprehend, two teachers are opposite in time of each children share make comment on. Accompany the child to attend summer vacation time to read for the first time what recreational meeting tells the harbor of gentleman of goosefoot lady Guangzhou that shares an activity the reporter, of activity of summer vacation time sign up not any doorsill limitation, sign up in the school can participate in. “Let a child be read here deliver a letter, the teacher is in comment on, tell a story I feel to had been held out! ” goosefoot lady tells a reporter, before the summer vacation activity that does not have community, daughter Xiaoyan can need feigned in the home job only, read a book, fill make up a missed lesson… ” come here to be able to be mixed child, teacher communication, need not a person is being waited for in the home, I also more be at ease. I also more be at ease..
Closing the class room that allows Yuan Xiaoxue, children are studying the creative work that blow a picture on art class, and undertaking motion of gout of field of sun of one Guangzhou gold surpasses inside gymnasium: “Long Zhu ” deliver sheet of relay match, rope ladder to jump double bond force, grab be filled with an international water meeting technician recommends the match… wonderful confused shows each game, the students that join each spirit enlivens, occasion is very lively. Be in Guangzhou city campus of colour of ease of the 4th middle school, is Lin Shaofang old a service of hydrotherapy of pond of Yu carry on one’s shoulder how? Division and Tan pacify Mr. Yu have the experience activity of wide embroider through leading a student, arouse students to be opposite the interest of wide embroider, go understanding the historical culture of wide embroider thereby; Teacher of Party member forest expresses, hope Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou what recreational meeting learns city of 328 technician gold stranger and technician of bay of sauna Jin Long people through this brief summer vacation time classroom, the seed wide embroider inheritance is buried in the heart of children, make traditional culture rooted in the heart in children sprout. The teacher of still has professor Guangdong opera Su Jie charm that in Guangzhou city the 4th middle school develops an activity, the student guides to participate in the inheritance that music of Guangdong opera another name for Guangdong Province closes on the west in the education of Guangdong opera. It is reported, besides the classroom study of rich and colorful, li bay area returned an organization to begin ” take long march route again ” summer camp, the Jinggang Mountains grinds learn, the activity such as base of visiting patriotism education, let a student spend a significant summer vacation in of all kinds activity.

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