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Rubbish classification was not done good, still not be amerce is rectified and reform really so hydrotherapy of Li Chi of center of brief Guangzhou foreign trader is odd. On July 23, guangzhou city town runs association of branch and mineral products of Guangzhou city town, when the village of 600 classification example that constituent Guangzhou drives this year undertakes rubbish classification grooms, relevant controller states content is in charge of a village to do good rubbish classification, not only the issue closes village environment, still concern with Guangzhou city honor, hope each village no matter example, should do good rubbish classification. In answer to rubbish classification reduces an amount, groom the organization just adopted the section paper and section water measure that avoids waste.
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Implement classified system + not practise fraud, can spare punishment
In the rubbish that day classification grooms on the meeting, guangzhou city town manages and execute the law integratedly personnel of business of bureau rubbish classification, explained nature of Guangzhou La Guangzhou to the controller that comes from 600 example village the legal laws and regulations that the pool dives Ji is classified, introduce to execute the law daily the part of easy fish problem in the examination. Business personnel tells a village governor, rubbish carry gives a village, branch of apanage environmental sanitation comes round to control use process of this one change trains, the easiest discovery ” mix close mix carry ” , “Whether does the rubbish of the village accomplish classification to put in collect with classification, whether is branch of apanage environmental sanitation classified control use, execute the law personnel wants to undertake executing the law checking to link of this one change trains only, can understand whether does the village fulfil rubbish classification with unit controlling use. ” as we have learned, execute the law personnel can pass an inspection this one link intermediate, at the same time rubbish classification did not do processing village good to classify rubbish controlling use to did not make two kinds of cases good with branch of basic level environmental sanitation.
“If discover in change trains link the village carries the rubbish that come out has been mixed, execute the law the classified case that personnel can pursue new moon village. ” business personnel introduces, execute the law personnel connects village of regular meeting fish to classify container to did not match neat bring about a dweller mix cast rubbish, perhaps deserved to classify container but scanty bring about a dweller to mix at management cast rubbish two kinds of circumstances. This business personnel introduces, the basis is preliminary feel check, major example village all can accomplish classification container is all ready, but need to strengthen on management, if matched classified container but did not carry out corridor to remove a bucket to time calm dot puts in mode. The major house building that when through Shanghai promotion rubbish is classified, carries out carries out corridor to remove the experience that the bucket times calm dot puts in and sets person specially assigned for a task to defend a barrel, this business personnel reminds accept 600 groomed village government square, the deploy that needs to press Guangzhou whole town is in future matchs water of concept of banquet of neat the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to collect ministerial small letter to classify container inside two months, if the village is located in bay of more beautiful, Li, sea bead, the Milky way, Bai Yun, Huang Bu, time Yu and other places, before still needing to be by December 2020, all executive corridor removes a bucket.
“Not only solid hold rubbish classification, due still stage Zhang registers a system. ” business personnel reminds one numerous property to manage square, need to build the record puts in and collect a circumstance, include but not flow direction of clear volume of of all kinds rubbish, clear carry, daily examination, conduct propaganda starts be confined to the Zhang of rubbish classification stage that waits for a circumstance, in order to record the case that village executive rubbish classifies. Building stage Zhang system while, need to notice not to want pair of stage Zhang practise fraud, “Do not appear stage Zhang record will begin rubbish to classify propaganda to the dweller in August, matching a plan is the citizen wears cotton-padded jacket to attend however, and the rubbish November classifies a record, will write the case of stage Zhang October. Will write the case of stage Zhang October..
Of pool of dragon of drive of rubbish cent Guangzhou make an appointment phone kind do so that can promote Guangzhou the rank very much, rubbish of conduce of water of section paper division reduces an amount
“Rubbish classification is done bad, it is the problem of amerce not just. ” grooming on the meeting, relevant business personnel alludes rubbish classification and urban honor. According to introducing, with the classified stage Zhang that in grooming that day, alludes is exemple, although stage Zhang system occupies relevant ministries and commissions to assess the whole nation only,46 cities rubbish classifies grading 4 minutes medium, dan Retai Zhang did not do 4 minutes good to take not complete, guangzhou lags behind in assessment likely other city, and Guangzhou is in last time the 4th rank lags behind with 1 minute of difference in rubbish classification assessment the 5th, if everybody tries hard again,relevant business personnel expresses little, in can comparing countrywide other city to classify the job in rubbish bannerer one pace.
“Ask everybody to take away his water. ” groomed that day after the end, business personnel does not forget to remind attend a meeting accept the person that groom to take away the bottled drinking water that distributes freely, avoid waste. The reporter sees, the majority attends a meeting personnel all complies with spot director takes away drinking water. To answer rubbish further classification avoids waste, this Guangzhou Zhuhai vasts ooze sauna second groom machine of all deal with sweeps all teaching material code download does not set paper quality to hit another name for Guangdong Province forme of phone of bright sauna minister, every join what the person that meet saves 157 pages accordingly to groom with paper. It is reported, classification of this series rubbish grooms the plan undertakes 14, the plan lets many 3000 come from build, the industry personnel such as the government sector such as extensive travel of wholesome, article, education and content canal, hotel is accepted groom. Continuously section paper and section water can reduce basic level to handle the load of the meeting not only, also decrease for rubbish quantity and energy-saving decrease a platoon to make contribution.

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