Guangzhou drive white cloud collects beautiful water newly to be able to experience Long Chi’s minister

On July 13 on Saturday, guangzhou city river is long do to be informed against according to local masses, area of leading organization yellow Bu, Na Gang is street 3 class test of association is messy corrupt enterprise. Feel through spot of personnel of go on a tour of inspection check discovery, be located in Na Gang of yellow Bu area the draw garden leather of community of street Na Gang presses beautiful factory to have great blowdown suspicion. That day, city river is long run rapid operation, call together river of yellow Bu area to grow do, environmental protection of Huang Bu area executes the law group, Na Gang 3 cascade use street agency, begin to this factory instantly the spot traces to the source and execute the law the job. Via the joint efforts, already demolished relevant ” messy corrupt ” place, demolish an area 1450 square metre. Jing of Na Gang bank is off-the-peg an ivory material
Draw garden leather presses beautiful factory to be located in Na Gang of Guangzhou city Huang Bu district on the west road 166, the project always covers an area of a face to accumulate 1600 square metre, build have frame structure factory building 2, basically pursue the business of the processing that press a flower of embryo of skin of supplied materials finished product, year process capability is 120 million pieces, is main production facilities: ? Stage of? of haughtying cellar enough ɑ , burnish machine 2, drench lacquer machine 1, turn Gu Yuhao water is collected how to collect fees machine of 1 stage, fill 2 stage, mixer (mix colors) 2, brace up soft machine 1 Jin Rijing water implement company brief introduction, spray product line 1, product line rolling besmear 1, answer film product line 1, oven 4, immerse pool (3 square metre) 2. Main raw material is man of embryo of supplied materials skin, acetic acid ester, Ding Chun, lubricious pink, smooth oil, acrylic colophony.
Jing of side of river of the hillock austral yellow Bu area shows ivory the material that already condensed, sift periphery does not have catchment conduit, doubt is to fall secretly. Personnel of classics go on a tour of inspection is preliminary reconnaissance, a gate is pressing beautiful factory to have great suspicion to the leather of Na Gang river. City river is long do river of area of associated yellow Bu to grow do, Na Gang is street agency pollutes fountainhead for uncover, the decision undertakes tracing to the source deep investigating to this factory. Liquid of coloured of workshop inside and outside everywhere
Ground of inside and outside of this plant factory building has a large number of gules liquids, ground flame lubricious liquid waste wears wall hole and pass, doubt is treatment dye liquid waste. Enter factory interior, discovery inside the factory bright canal inside the liquid appears vermeil, slowly flow into collect a pool. Handle number of technician of Ping Zhuyi hall lubricious keep of beauty of which good stage, there still is dye of one tun red on the side. According to field survey, this factory does not have sewage place
Manage establishment.
Unidentified black liquid arranges the ground to flow to rainwater mtl pithead on the side of the machine, have cyan more plastic pipe receives rainwater well directly, rainwater well is gone to the direction inside workshop till Changjiang Delta inlet has one continuous line workshop other one aspect of the matter discovers is caliber of workshop of a cross about 0.5 Luojimi is wide the culvert with 0.6 meters tall × , from workshop another end has one machine again smeary and direct emit into. So this culvert already became blowdown canal!
Execute the law personnel occupies field survey, the manufacturer showed those who expire ” dangerous trash reclaims agreement ” (period of efficacy comes by 2015) , show procedure of this factory environmental protection is not whole, already was suspected of violating reject of compasses processing danger. Puissant demolish face a river to violate build
The reporter follows city river grows staff member spot to see, draw is filled with an international water to factory of leather of ministerial phone garden overlooks a river and can be built, office life uses a room empty surface is faced outside the wall, sewage discharges Na Gang river continuously, plant area builds the cistern that be like collect, simple and easy workshop to wait temporarily take up wadi manages range, even piece face a river to violate much home of the accept that build Tibet ” messy corrupt ” place, all sorts of caliber enter river sewage draining exit river of the hillock austral straight platoon of foul water of day of strange bar of fine the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, and flow of Na Gang river eastwards Jiangbei trunk stream, this factory position is apart from bayou of Na Gang river to make an appointment with 600 meters, sewage discharges impact state to take an examination of section water quality continuously.
Execute the law jointly group basis the spot ” messy corrupt ” spatial situation, stand all right change, fight continuously on the weekend, to connecting piece face a river to violate build undertake demolishing, demolish an area 1450 much square metre.
Guangzhou city river is long do a proposal each district government wants draw inferences about other cases from one instance, special attention spreads out to outlying area ” messy corrupt ” spatial platoon is checked, be sure to be opposite ” messy corrupt ” the place undertakes be hittinged stoutly clearing, implementation ” fountainhead is decreased corrupt, fountainhead accuses corrupt, extreme is treated corrupt ” , avoid its to exceed mark sewage to flow into a river to emerge, influence section water quality amounts to mark. Make a thorough investigation of to emerge about the river each edge two sides inside limits of each 1 kilometer ” messy corrupt ” area of garden of place, industry pollutes a source, comprehensive thorough Guangzhou collects water of beautiful business affairs newly the punish end the meeting. Cannot make a thorough investigation of the sewage draining exit entering a river of fountainhead, want to use sunshine opportunity, adopt seal temporarily wait for all sorts of measure, the position that observes sewage begin to crop up has integrated repair, as far as possible permanent eliminate blowdown appearance.

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