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Put summer vacation, the child in the city can enter all sorts of summer camp activities, where is the price child that water of graceful insularity border assembles village of great capacity of the country?
Recently, the reporter understands cheesy palace what to serves from company of couplet of supply and marketing of white cloud division 2018, integrated service center rolled out the 5 villages community of its subordinate in succession summer camp activity, open battalion in succession since the last ten-day of a month in July, the child of a rural area also can be at the door the home enter rich summer camp activity. Buckle rustic theme closely to make characteristic activity
The reporter understands, this integrated service center is in 5 villages community in mobile design, buckle rustic theme closely, designed different rustic characteristic summer camp. Of blue sky white cloud and nature scenery city
The controller of integrated service center tells community of village of the hillock austral Jiang Gaozhen the reporter, although the village is major,the family still is in cultivate land, but time Yu treasure island is collected basically give priority to with old people, children basically had not left the ground. “Be in so the summer camp activity of summer vacation is medium this year, we designed Nong Gengwen to turn experience activity. ” this controller expresses, offer such activity, besides let children experience farming agrarian culture, more important is to make what they experience the parent to work not easy.
And Zhong Latan presses down grand village community integrated service center also opened Nong Gengwen to turn experience activity, still combine beautiful country natural resources at the same time, develop the organization the activity of seek by inquiry that picks village beauty country to small house, let children experience different countryside to build. Too with community of village of town summer good people integrated service center is organized begin agricultural science to know an activity, let children understand contemporary agriculture science and technology.
Digging rural traditional culture also is each village community the characteristic of activity of summer camp of integrated service center, if seek by inquiry is ancient,banyan road, hundred years ancient ceiba and 3 bounds temple find the activity such as footprint, will guide children to dig rustic tradition culture together, understand Hai Zhizhou hydrotherapy of Guangzhou of him place life more the village of recreational guild hall.
Improving parentage is key of summer camp activity
Close child the activity is the activity that key of integrated service center makes every village community. Relevant controller introduces company of couplet of division supply and marketing, in a rural area, close child education is service key. “The village that at present integrated service center is in 5 villages community, child phenomenon staying behind is more serious still, a lot of parents are versed in in foreign affairs, a week come back only, come home more for long perhaps, the education of Jun Yumu’s sufficient child basically relies on an old person. ” this controller expresses, although young now parent takes parentage seriously more and more breed, but how should doing a lot of parents is not hydrotherapy of field of horse of very clear Guangzhou a few technician.
According to introducing, summer camp kisses mediumly child education with everybody the form of love to see and hear is begun. Afore-mentioned controller express, in mobile design, very big one section activity is designed participate in jointly by parents and child, let parent child improve parentage in activity, game.
Grand village community is integrated service center the summer this year is happy article collect closed so battalion activity theme is ” close child with happy ” , parents and child enter major activity jointly, if old hand pulls little hand, green desire for love,change an experience to wait to party, Nong Gengwen. Zhong Latan pressed down community of village of 5 dragon hillock to also be joined the manual class of integrated service center close child element, integrated service center still will execute Zhu Sancun community after 2 child policy, how does the parent handle the relation with big child, as this year the characteristic project of summer camp activity.

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