Recreational guild hall takes king of the Hakkas of Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou strategy especially wash one’s hair of water long running water is enough how

Suffer the element effect such as graduation season, guangzhou is secondhand the residential market that rent clinchs a deal quantity and hire all show the sign that look up. 23 days, association of intermediary of Guangzhou city estate (the following abbreviation ” association ” ) release newest statistic data to show, before be being compared a few months, guangzhou is secondhand in June vivid jerk of the residential market that rent promotes apparently, whole town clinchs a deal quantity annulus rises about than May 17.16 % , hire criterion annulus than rising 1.38 % reach 55.12 yuan / square metre / month. White cloud area clinchs a deal occupy than going up apparent
Newest data shows Ministry of Education, graduate of countrywide this year’s college was as high as 83 hillock shellfish 2019 Lulepin collects sauna 40 thousand person, the Guangzhou that regards a gleam of as one of cities, it is broad graduate obtain employment undoubtedly one of first selection of the first station. Data shows, the graduate that hires a room exceeds 7 to become, the group drives giant graduate to rented the market to clinch a deal in June warm up. According to statistic, monitoring point of Guangzhou whole town is rented clinch a deal quantity annulus rises than May 17.16 % .
Data shows, white cloud area clinchs a deal in central the city zone occupy in comparing went up in June the most apparent, annulus comparing rises 2.15 percent come 23.31 % ; And area of the Milky way clinchs a deal occupy drop than annulus comparing 2.51 100 Guangzhou are happy article collecting is dry gallery of Great Wall hotel and garden separate an aspect to 25.94 % ; Bead area of Li bay, Huang Bu and sea clinchs a deal occupy it is quite smooth, annulus comparing rises extent is in less than of a percent.
Graduation season, small family with hydrotherapy of city of dragon of Guangzhou of source of large family room which technician is good most get the reception that rent a settle or live in a strange place. Data shows, june, of interval of area of 60-90 square metre occupy than dropping somewhat, annulus comparing drops 1.2 percent; Mix under 60 square metre score of annulus of interval of area of 120-144 square metre does not rise 0.8 percent and 0.5 percent; Of Ji of area of 90-120 square metre occupy than with on the month keeps balance.
Be worth what carry is, along the line of BRT, subway and CBD radiate area relatively accept graduate group favour, the Che Bei that is like area of the Milky way – north of Dong Pu, the Milky way board piece, the Gu Lichi of industrial highway Guangzhou of sea bead area, Na Zhou, bank Jiang Dong board piece, the government office of yellow Bu district of yellow Bu area board piece and hillock of the new city of Bai Yun area, sweet-scented osmanthus – 3 yuan in board piece, clinch a deal this month the capacity all appeared of different level rise.
Heat up source of room of door plank piece to be short of hire to go up
Finish hire a group of things with common features drive the market that rent to clinch a deal the volume rises Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou how does the inlet austral sea Pearl River lie fallow meeting place while, also drove whole town hire is small to rise. The data of association shows, hire of residence of monitoring point of whole in June town is 55.12 yuan / square metre / month, among them central the city zone is 57.47 yuan / square metre / month, periphery area is 35.7 yuan / square metre / month, hire level presents small to go up raise impetus.
According to handler reaction, partial hot door plank is maritime palace Shenzhen piece room source is in short supply, bargain space is apparently contractible, month of hire occurrence 200-300 of source of high grade room yuan differ rise. For example Che Bei – Dong Pu board piece a 45 square metre, be apart from the elevator room with subway closer station, may phone of minister of bay of new condition of lunar hire new city is controlled in 3200 yuan, hire had risen to be controlled to 3400 yuan in June.
Interval of 1500 yuan of the following hire was occupied in June than somewhat fall after a rise, annulus comparing drops 2.8 % come 31.5 % , but it is the main hire interval that the market clinchs a deal as before; 1500-2500 yuan Guangzhou is happy article collect how hire interval is occupied than dropping than annulus 1.7 % come 24.1 % ; 2500-3500 yuan hire interval is occupied than annulus comparing and on comparing of phase of the moon keeps balance basically; Be added up to by graduate hire an influence, the hire interval of 3500 yuan of above is occupied this month than rising than annulus 4.6 percent come 28.9 % .

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